With its rich history Leiden has lots to offer and worth seeing:

  • the hidden courtyards
  • idyllic squares and alleys
  • the scenic canal system with its grand houses and many bridges
  • historic churches
  • the old university with the Hortus Botanicus
  • Leiden Castle (the ‘Burcht’)

As you walk through the historic center you can admire all of these beautiful sights. To add even more color, I enjoy sharing stories about the history this city, such as the annual tradition of celebrating the end of the Spanish siege in 1574 (‘Leidens Ontzet’) , or tell you about its famous citizens, such as Rembrandt van Rijn and the Pilgrims.

In addition to this main walking tour, I can also offer walks which focus on a specific theme such as:

  • Rembrandt van Rijn
  • De Leidse hofjes (the hidden courtyards)

Contact me to plan a walk that fits with your interest and preferences. Your-guide-in -Leiden can offer you the best experience if the size of your party does not exceed 10-15 guests. In case of more visitors, I can advise you to consider having a fellow guide join us for the walk.

2 - 15 max*

€ 130,00

1,5 - 2 hours

On a Bicycle

In a Boat

Vicinity of Leiden

For many years, I have been active as a freelance guide. My adventure started as a professional travel guide on country and city tours throughout Europe. Eventually, I settled again in my native area of Leiden, the City of Discoveries.

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